Menu Wok Middlesbrough

Chinese cuisine is one of the most applauded ever, thanks to the humongous number of flavors it houses. We, here at Wok 88, have got for you the most comprehensive experience of the Chinese cuisine in its best-ever form. Let's take a brief look at some of our most sought-after offerings. You can get started with your morning with some of our Appetisers like Dry Spare Ribs, Spare Ribs in Chilli & Honey Sauce, Spare Ribs with Salt & Pepper, etc. Then, you can directly jump over to our signature items like Pak Po Duck, Crispy Chicken with Lemon Sauce, etc. Those can be followed by some of our Sweetcorn Dishes like House Special with Sweetcorn, Pork with Sweetcorn, Roast Duck with Sweetcorn, etc. Our Fried Rice Dishes like House Special Egg Fried Rice, Chicken Egg Fried Rice, Roast Duck Egg Fried Rice, Mushroom Egg Fried Rice, etc., would indeed add a flavorsome touch to your meal. To discover a lot more delight from Chinese cuisine, reach us now.

About Wok Middlesbrough

The impeccable flavors of the Chinese kitchen that we bring to the table help us stand a class apart amidst the competition that exists. To us, satisfaction of our beloved customers has always been the top priority and to ensure that we try to keep our quality top-notch throughout. Our creative cooking methods along with a host of secret spice proportions help us strike the right balance between the taste of the food and its quality. Our home delivery services happen to be supremely fast and help you get started with your favorite Chinese cuisine in the least possible amount of time. We have our free app on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store and you can simply use it to order anything you want from our huge collection.

Restaurant location Wok Middlesbrough

We are really fortunate to be able to serve you from one of the best parts of the city, here at 27 Longlands Road, Middlesbrough TS4 2JS. This place offers easy accessibility from all major parts of the city, thereby helping us gather a ton of attention from potential lovers of food. Still, if you think you need some kind of assistance while coming to us, our app is right there to help you out with GPS support. We wish to serve you with all of our efforts if you choose us as your Chinese restaurant of preference.